Eltawfik-Yarns Factory

6 May 2016

Eltawfik Yarns is a factory that produces Textile Taps and Yarns and also acts as a distribution point for the factory. Eltawfik board of directors asked specifically for a clean design that suits their brand logo and focuses on the superior services that they offer with a simple easy to handle Dashboard. The Flash and The Wolverine geek have accomplished the task easily.

Eltawfik-Yarns Factory

Having a website that works as an online platform for our business has become a crucial point to us \" Eltawfik Yarns\" board of directors, as nowadays the research process that\'s done by a client or a supplier shortly before deciding whether they would do business with you has become online, so we have made the smart decision by creating our online identity and we have made a smarter one by hiring The super Geeks team for the task.



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