Shams Group

29 May 2016

Shams Group is one the leading corporations in importing and providing pneumatic services in Egypt. Having a digital identity that reflects their vision, mission and work was vital for the corporation, Also they have many catalogues in PDF formats, so it was crucial to develop a PDF reader and a viewer where visitors can view online or download to their devices in the most sleek and elegant way. The Flash and The Wolverine Geek did a very on spot work for this project.

Shams Group

We at Shams Group value our customers deeply as we work in a continuous business where a good after sales service means a customer for life. We were very clear about our requirements and we had no problem spending time or money in order to achieve those desired results and we had no doubt that we\'d get that. What we were surprised by is the how we enjoyed the whole process and how fast and professional it was, Thus we recommend the Super Geeks Team.



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